About Us

   Vivas Natural Private Limited - Leader of Our Industry. Improving Lives. Loving Our Planet.

Our Vision

Helping People around the World, Eat, Live and lead a healthy life.

Our visions capture the essence of who we are. We just do not happen to be a business house that sells pulps, juices and pickles but full fills the needs of our consumer needs by producing quality products to international standards which forms an easier, healthier, enjoyable and an integral part of our life .

Our vision also conveys the world including our employees, clients, consumers and the communities at large to whom we sell our products, the essence of who we are. It also captures the importance of health and wellness. It embodies the ways by which we can tickle our taste buds and live a healthy life. Such is the enjoyment and convenience of our products which are safe and nutritious.  The value of our products can be gauged in the services and solutions we provide.

Our Mission

    At VIVAS NATURALS, we are committed to providing consumers with high-quality, high- brand value products that are tasteful, nutritious and convenient. Guided by Our internal principles coupled with use of technology we strive to set the industry standards which assure product quality, safe work environment and community engagement.